MOST ASKED QUESTION: How do I get my parcels at Pappy's?

Wondering how to best manage shipping and receiving to Smoky Lake Region? Pappy's is here for you!

Since you often don't know how your package is being shipped, sending it to our address as a Hold for Pickup (HFPU) with your name and phone number on it ensures it will be in Smoky Lake, either with us or at Canada Post. Like this:

Name: your name

Address line 1: 141 White Earth Street

Address line 2: HFPU Pappy's 

Smoky Lake, Alberta T0A 3C0

Phone: your phone number

What does it cost? Canada Post and non-Purolator pickups are $2,  Purolator pickup is free. Freight is $7 per 100lbs.

For privacy reasons, many couriers are no longer putting your phone number on the outside of package. Just give us a call or text 780 6568298 to be added to our customer directory so we can text or call you when your package arrives.

1. Do I need to setup an account to ship or receive parcels at Pappy's?

No, no account is needed however, if you ship or receive many parcels per month we are happy to set up a billing account , monthly subscription or convenient Pickup Punch Card so you don't need to remember to bring your wallet.

2. Why does it cost $2 for parcels from Couriers or other companies?

We charge a small convenience fee for parcels that are non-Purolator, only because we have yet to get an agency with the other couriers. We keep trying, but many are reluctant to set up agencies in rural locations.

3. I'd like to ship something bigger, like a couch or a fridge, can Pappy's receive that item for me?

Yes! We receive freight from several trucking companies. Our freight pickup fee is based on pallet weight ($7.00 per 100 lbs) plus a drop fee ($7.00). We can hold your freight for you to pickup when convenient.

4. Can I ship out with Pappy's?

Yes, we are a Purolator agent for smaller packages and can arrange freight pickup too. If your package is already labelled, we will gladly take your drop offs for the drivers (except FedEx Express).

5. How does the bus service work?

Cold Shot Parcel and Bus Service services Edmonton to Cold Lake and return daily. You can buy bus tickets online at www.coldshot.ca or call them at 1-587-557-7719. Tickets can also be purchased from the driver.


They provide next day package delivery anywhere in Alberta from Pappy's. We can arrange the labeling and package pickup. The website for the parcel service is www.coldshotca.com

6. What couriers provide pickup and drop off at Pappy's?

Purolator, UPS, Canpar, Loomis, FedEx GROUND (not Express), trucking companies, Cold Shot Parcel Service, Staples, Home Depot, Costco, plus any shipment from anyone can be received and held for our customers.

7. What other services are available?

We also offer dry cleaning services in partnership with Page the Cleaner. Dry cleaning takes about 1 week. Drop off any day of the week. 

You can call, email, text, Facebook message for further info:

780 656 8298 (call or text)


Facebook Messenger: @parcelpitstop

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